LGBT 101

Beyond Diversity: Resisting Racism in the Workplace

Trans 101: All about the T in LGBT

Intro to Restorative Justice & Circle Keeping

Eating Social Change:Food Justice for Beginners

The School to Prison Pipeline and the Rise of the PIC

DAB of Consulting

Fundamental Organizing Skills

  • Chicago is a hot bed for innovative grassroots campaigns. Join us to gain the skills that sharpen your knowledge and ability to be effective organizers and campaign supporters. In this session participants will examine the elements of successful campaigns and learn tools for framing issues, base building, and analyzing power. 

Strategy and Campaign Development 

  • Actions are but one part of effective community organizing. Essential to successful organizing are concrete strategies rooted in well framed issues. This session is designed for participants with a range of organizing experiences to develop common language and skills for innovative organizing. Participants will explore tactics to strengthen their ability to develop and adapt long term organizing strategies and campaigns. 

Organizing Strategies for Black Liberation

  • A workshop designed promote dialogue and critical analysis of social movements of the late 20th and early 21st century and their impact on the Black Freedom Struggle in America. Using the frames of economics, art, and blackness participants will explore some of the political and cultural factors that contributed to organizing strategies from each era. Participants will gain a historical context to support the development of an organizing model thats relevant to and effective within current struggles for black liberation. 

Facilitation & Popular Education Skills

  • ​Creating engaging learning and skill building sessions is vital to all youth organizations as well as community organizing efforts. In this session participants will explore the fundamentals of popular education and how it has been used as a tool for organizing across multiple issues. They will ask the question what is the role of facilitation in creating dynamic interactive workshops while practicing facilitation skills and creating innovative agendas on relevant topics



Positive Youth Development & Youth Leadership Training

​Unpacking Adultism for Youth Workers and Adult Allies

  • A 3 hour popular education training, ideal for those interested in learning new methods for positive youth development and relationship building skills that empowers adults to use their powers and privileges to become allies to youth.
  • Participants will: 1.Use popular education techniques as a tool for examining adultism as system of oppression 2.Explore how Adultism is embedded in common youth development practices and cultural norms 3.Learn best practices for reducing the impact of Adultism on youth programming

Boundaries and Relationship building for Youth workers


 Fundraising 101

 Board Development

 Crafting Mission & Value Statements


Workshops and trainings can be customized for youth, organizers, and professionals of various backgrounds. One on One consultation and live webinar sessions are also available.